Retrieve data from mysql database using javascript

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Retrieve data from mysql database using javascript

The map in this tutorial displays two kinds of markers to differentiate between the location of restaurants and bars respectively. A database in MySQL stores information about the individual marker locations like the type of place whether it's a restaurant or a barits name, address and geographic coordinates. The map retrieves this information from the database, through an XML file that acts as an intermediary between the database and the map.

Click a marker on the map below to display an info window with the location name and address. The markers have the labels 'R' or 'B', and they show you the locations of restaurants and bars respectively. Create a table in MySQL containing attributes of the markers on the map, like the marker idnameaddresslatlngand type.

The id attribute serves as the primary key, and the type attribute distinguishes between restaurants and bars. To keep the storage space for your table at a minimum, you can specify the lat and lng attributes to be floats of size 10,6. This allows the fields to store 6 digits after the decimal, plus up to 4 digits before the decimal. The screenshot below displays the table setup in phpMyAdmin. You can import the marker data into the SQL database using the 'Import' functionality of the phpMyAdmin interface which allows you to import data in various formats.

At this point, you should have a table named markers containing the map marker data. Using an XML file as an intermediary between your database and your Google map allows for faster initial page load, and a more flexible map application. When using a public browser to access a database using PHP files, it's important to ensure that your database credentials are secure.

The file with your credentials should look like the one below, but containing your own database information. For each row in the table each locationthe code creates a new XML node with the row attributes as XML attributes, and appends it to the parent node. The last part of code then dumps the XML to the browser screen.

Java Program To Fetch Data From MySQL Table (Database) Using JDBC

Use a helper function e. It then echoes the parent markers node, and iterates through the query results. The code then echoes the XML node for the marker in each row of the table for each location.

This sends the name and address fields through the parseToXML function first, in case there are any special entities in them. The script ends by echoing out the closing markers tag.

The code above initializes a new XML document and creates the "markers" parent node. The code then creates a XML node for each row in the table for each locationwith the row attributes as XML attributes, and appends it to the parent node. It then dumps the output XML to the browser screen.

This line may cause your browser to try to parse XML and make it difficult to see your debugging messages. This section shows you how to develop the map example in this tutorial using JavaScript, and the output XML file.

Read the documentation to learn more about the basics of creating a Google map. Create a new file in a text editor and save it as index. Read the sections that follow to understand the code that you can add to this file. This object allows you retrieve a file that resides on the same domain as the requesting webpage, and is the basis of "AJAX" programming.

Define your own function for loading the file, and call it downloadUrl. The function takes two parameters:. The bigger your XML file, the longer it may take.

For this reason, it would be best not to put any code after the downloadUrl that relies on the markers inside the callback function. Instead, such code can be put inside the callback function.But in this tutorial, I will show a completely different way of doing this.

Ajax is a technology which extracts and displays the web content without loading the full page. The first thing you need to do is create a simple MySQL database with some tables with some data. I will use it in this tutorial. If you want to display different data then its ok just create a mysql table and insert some data in it. Now write a simple PHP code that fetches the data from the table that you created.

The PHP code connects to the database, selects the database, read the contents of the table and fetches the table rows. You can store each row in a different array with only those fields you need to display. Here is the code for this [lets say the file name as district. I push back each row to that array. What this means? This is the most important step actually. I like JSON because it is simple and easy for the beginner.

The JSON is language independent. If I see the above file in browser having Jsonview extension. I will see the following output. It has exactly same attributes as I defined in php file. You can access those fields using simple. For example to access the name I will write data. Now the next step is writing some Ajax code.

retrieve data from mysql database using javascript

I already said that I will use Jquery Ajax. Make a simple file and called it index. The ajax code for this is. A simple HTML table for this is. If you give some attraction to the table using simple css and see the output in a browser. Your output will looks like. February 5, April 23, July 3, Hi, i have a query. For Ex- one "select option" of size.

Your email address will not be published. What is PHP? Erfan Abdi says:.As you can see from the result of the example above, the result object is an array containing each row as an object. To return e. The third parameter of the callback function is an array containing information about each field in the result.

As you can see from the result of the example above, the fields object is an array containing information about each field as an object. If you want to report an error, or if you want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail:. LOG IN. New User? Sign Up For Free! Forgot password?

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Example Return the address of the third record: console. Example Return the name of the second field: console. HOW TO. Your message has been sent to W3Schools. W3Schools is optimized for learning and training. Examples might be simplified to improve reading and learning.

Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. While using W3Schools, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of usecookie and privacy policy. Copyright by Refsnes Data. All Rights Reserved. W3Schools is Powered by W3.In this article, I will demonstrate how to retrieve data from database in ASP.

After clicking on New Project, one window will appear. Select Web from the left panel, choose ASP. After clicking on OK, one more window will appear. After clicking on New item, you will get a window from there.

Select Data from the left panel and choose ADO. After you click on Add, a window wizard will open. Choose EF Designer from the database and click Next. Another window will appear. Add your server name; if it is local, then enter dot.

Using MySQL and PHP with Google Maps

Choose your database and click on OK. Connection will get added. If you wish save connection as you want. You can change the name of your connection below. It will save connection in web config then click on Next. After clicking on NEXT another window will appear choose database table name as show in below screenshot then click in Finish.

Entity framework will be added with respective class get generated under Models folder. Step 4 Right click on Controllers folder select Add then choose Controller as shown in below screenshot.

After clicking on Add another window will appear with DefaultController. Change the name EmployeeController then click on Add. HomeController will be added under Controllers folder. For all controllers change only highlightand instead of Default just change Home as shown int the below screenshot. Step 5 Right click on Controllers folder select Add then choose Controller as shown in th below screenshot.

retrieve data from mysql database using javascript

Change the name to EmployeeController then click on Add. Step 6 Right click on Index action method in controller. Add view and a window will appear with default Index name unchecked use a Layout page and click on Add. View will be added in views folder under Home folder with name Index.

How to connect HTML Form to MySQL Database with PHP in 4 Minutes (2020)

After that a window will appear; choose Browse type bootstrap and install package in the project. Right click on project and click on properties. Step 9 Double-click on Globle.

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Step 10 Save and build project. View All. Farhan Ahmed Updated date Jun 07, Free Demo. Next Recommended Article. What Is Data Science? NET Core.Here, we will show you how to fetch the data from the database in PHP and display in Table. First of all, we will create one database connecting file, And create html table web page with display data from database in PHP. That can retrieve data from a specific column or all columns of a table. When we fetch, insert, update or delete data from MySQL database, there we will include this file:.

So you can create a new file and update the below code into your file. Additionally, we will display the fetched data in an HTML table. My name is Devendra Dode. I am a full-stack developer, entrepreneur, and owner of Tutsmake. I like writing tutorials and tips that can help other developers. As well as demo example. View all posts by Admin. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

retrieve data from mysql database using javascript

Author Admin My name is Devendra Dode. Very useful cide for retrieve data from using php database. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.And for this we will be using Volley Library. So lets begin. We already have some rows inserted in the above table. And our task here is to fetch those records in our Android Application. If you want you can get my database from below.

MySQL Table. So thats all for this tutorial friends. Hope you got the point how to retrieve data from mysql database in android. If you are having any confusions or queries you can leave your comments below. The passion of teaching made me create this blog. When I rotate the screen, the data gets reloaded.

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How to solve that? Is there any way to implement Loaders as is done in AsyncTask to avoid reloading of data. Also I want to save all listview data to mysql in one click as like e-commerce cart data plz help.

Hi man thanks a lot for the tutorial u are awesome. Would u help me with this one. I want to write an application that fetches data from database using either Volley or Okhttp. So what i want to achieve is a multi list view.

No you cannot do it directly. I want to retrieve only the image that too by email as a login profile so, should i use array in php to fetch the image? Hi, Thanks for your tutorial. I am getting below error : org. Thanks for the code Sir … But what if i want to use spinner and select one category and fetch data for specific column according to the selected category?? Hi sir, i wan ask, how to limit data from mysql in display in AS.

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Hey, can i get data from online MySQL server means from my online website database? Waiting for your reply. Hey bro, can i know how to fetch specific data from the table? For example, fetch only the current user data. Hi, I have this error: error: class ProductsAdapter is public, should be declared in a file named ProductsAdapter. The products array seems to be created and the temp one also. Hi, thank you for the tutorial. Really appreciate it. Can you help me please? Hi, when I change the phone language to Arabic nothing display just the image, return to the English language show all data.

I am stuck for days on this one please help me!By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I want to retrieve information from my database. I got the input dynamically from user using html and through jsp i get the information from the database Mysql.

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The following is the jsp code. I used author as a keyword to retrieve the data. Now i have 2 authors with the same name in my database but the above code fetches only one authors info i. Where should i modify in this code so that it will retrieve both the data.

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retrieve data from mysql database using javascript

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